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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Wal-Mart basher out of line"

Our own April Coggins gives TV Reed an well-deserved thrashing in today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
Question for T.V. Reed: Does your offer to drive shoppers to the Wal-Mart in Moscow extend to everyone in Pullman (Opinion, Jan. 1), or was your invitation meant only for Burma Williams? This Pullman shopper would thoroughly enjoy having T.V. Reed chauffeur me to Wal-Mart’s front door. Perhaps you would go a little out of your way and take the Bishop Boulevard route. I would like to witness this “mess” of a traffic jam that you continually complain about. I drive Bishop Bloulevard quite often and have yet to encounter the dire traffic jams or any traffic jams, for that matter. Usually, traffic is very fluid. You seem to resent any other cars on Bishop Boulevard, as if it was your private street, just as you seem to believe Pullman is your own little playground, and you are holding your breath until we give in. Does it occur to you that if you had the support of the majority in Pullman, you would not have to rely on the courts to delay Wal-Mart opening? Do you realize that you are suing the town and residents that you claim to be saving? Of course, you do, you just don’t care.

To Jefferey Joswig-Jones: Please do not claim to be defending downtown merchants as your excuse to bash Wal-Mart (Opinion, Dec. 27). Not only can we speak for ourselves, the overwhelming majority of Pullman merchants support Wal-Mart coming to Pullman and we wish the do-gooders would stop trying to defend us. As a 46-year resident of Pullman, I can attest that Pullman retail has been defended nearly to the point of extinction. If you want to bash Wal-Mart for your own reasons, go right ahead, but please leave us out of it.

April E. Coggins, Pullman
Way to go April!

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