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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The PES Radio Show Guests

I have some people I like to try to get on the air each year. Glenn Johnson being one of them. But I love to have guests and talk about sports, politics, and technology. I also just talk about local things. We have talked about a WSU Student Organizations' film festival. I have had information about the Pullman Easter Massacre. So it is not always just politics and sports.

That said, before Tom was a co-host, he was a guest of the show. I also had our own April on the show. With all the contributors to Palousitics I would love to get a few others on the show.

This is a call out to anyone, whether you are a contributor or a reader of Palousitics, who would like to spend some time talking on the radio. Political affiliation doesn't matter. Like I said we can pretty much talk about anything. You can come to the studio or we can do it via telephone. If you are interested in doing a guest spot, or if you know someone who I should interview, please let me know. You can reach me via e-mail at scottywalkin@gmail.com. The show is on the air on Monday's from Noon to 2:00 o'clock PM.

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