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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome to the People's Republic of Washington

Ah, look at what our Democratic controlled legislature is cooking up for us in Olympia:

SJR 8209 "Amending the Constitution to allow an income tax" Just what we need.

SB 5106 "Requiring emergency preparedness planning for service animals and household pets" Oh, brother.

HJR 4203 "Amending the Constitution to provide for four-year terms for members of the House of Representatives" Heck, why should they even run for reelection? Just let the Democratic Party appoint them.

HB 1116 "Creating a plan to increase the homeownership rate to seventy-five percent by 2020" And a chicken in every pot!!

SJR 8205 "Relating to the constitutional provisions regarding initiatives and referendums" Next, they'll deport Tim Eyman and all Republicans.

SB 5069 "Extending retirement benefits to domestic partners" Heck, throw it open to everybody. It's only taxpayer's money, so who cares?

SB 5067 "Requiring the use of headlights when windshield wipers are used" Washington will NOT be out-Nanny Stated by anyone!!

SB 5063 "Removing gender references" They're FireFIGHTERS, for the last time, not FireMEN

Here a couple of my favorites:

HB 1111 "Determining the best interests of a corporation" In addition to shareholders, they want to include "Community and societal considerations, including, without limitation, the impact of any action upon the communities in or near which the corporation has offices or operations." Lovely. Karl Marx would be so proud.

HB 1119 "Achieving economic security through income sufficient to meet basic needs" Sure, we have the highest minimum wage in the country, but we really need a LIVING WAGE, just like Moscow.

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Scotty said...

One of our Republicans, Schoesler, is a sponsor of SB 5063 "Removing gender references".

Many items on that list are annoying at the very least, but the one to add the income tax MUST not happen! Income tax is such a crock. Talk about punishing people for working.

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

There are a whole bunch of things I'm just not liking about this session of the legislature. You just listed a few.

Satanic Mechanic said...

Next week, Commissar Gregoire will make marijuana the state symbol.

Seriously, I have heard that the legislature will be pushing a bill to outlaw certain weapons and limit the capacity of weapons to six bullets. This is the same crap gun laws that exist in the People's Republic of California.

Barenjager said...

Hey, what's wrong with marihuana that isn't wrong with ethyl alcohol? THC and the other psychoactive components of marihuana are chemically classified as alcohols. In the human, they behave in much the same way. If you drink booze and think pot is bad, you should reexamine your position. If you drink booze and smoke tobacco, you should REALLY think again.

Misguided and financially influenced political hogwash aside (e.g. Reefer Madness and the dimwits at the DEA), Marihuana is less addictive than ethyl alcohol or tobacco. If anyone is really interested, say so and I'll provide some real science (not hippie culture crap or government paranoia).

That said, I don't smoke it because it's illegal but that's the only reason. If it were, you can bet I'd give up a goodly portion of the booze I drink now and fill in the gaps with grass.

Until that shining day when science triumphs over politics and to quote the world's greatest folk singer; where I go, I hope there's rum!

rothlin.john said...

We would like to send you folks news from the House Republicans in Olympia.

How can we get this information to you?

Tom Forbes said...

E-mail palousitics@adelphia.net