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Thursday, January 18, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Moscow Chamber Condemns Chaney's "Unwarranted Meddling" in Whitman County

Palousitics has just obtained a copy a letter sent by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce to Mayor Nancy Chaney concerning her comments on James Toyota's proposed move to the Pullman/Moscow corridor.

The letter can be found here.

It states, in part:
Your comments have given us a pause for concern and may not accurately reflect the sentiments of many businesses in Pullman and Moscow.

In our view, your letter dated January 4, 2007 regarding the conditional use permit for James Toyota within Whitman County, was unwarranted and struck our organization as meddling in the affairs of others outside our jursidiction Additionally, we recognize James Toyota as a local Moscow business...who merely wants to expandw an existing Moscow business. It is very unfortunate that they are not able to select a location within Moscow rather than Whitman County. Moscow must do everything in its power to avoid future problems like this...Further, we fear comments like this will only build ill-will and mistrust in our neighbors to the west.
This letter stands in sharp contrast to Chaney's letter in the Evergreen yesterday where she expressed her "benevolent feeling" for her "neighbors to the west." The Moscow Chamber shows what TRUE cooperation is all about, not Chaney's version of "cooperate with us or else."

So when does the recall of Mayor Moonbat begin? How much more is it going to take? Again, no wonder Paul Kimmell is taking off for greener pastures.


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