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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Declaration of War

My comments on what Scotty just posted.

In all the eight years I have lived on the Palouse, this is the most outrageous, pardon my French, BULLSHIT, I've seen yet. HELLO!!! Paradise Creek runs DOWNSTREAMfrom Moscow!!! And both the highway and the trail are in WASHINGTON!!!!! The only vaguely legitimate claim is the aquifer and the exact science on that has yet to be determined. But give me a break. A car dealership THAT HAS EXISTED FOR 17 YEARS is going to drain the aquifer more by adding a bit more asphalt containing EMPTY CARS a few hundred yards down the road?????????? Any idiot could tell Chaney that those "clean, high tech" industries she wants depend on people and it's people and homes that use the most water of anything. Unbelievable.

"Moscow wants Whitman County to grow from its cores of Colfax and Pullman?" Who the hell cares what Moscow thinks about how Whitman County grows???????? We'll figure that out our our own, thank you. And who is Chaney that she decides to "only allow businesses that share the goal of conserving our resources,” at least on our side of the border? We didn't vote for her. This is fascism by SEPA appeal.

Of course Mayor Moonbat is anti-growth. Not just in Whitman County, but in Moscow as well. And of course this is punishment against James Toyota. Chaney is sending a clear signal to every business on the Palouse to not relocate or expand EVER, regardless of who or where they are. And can you imagine attracting new businesses to the area with all this going on now? How many SEPA appeals are pending or current?

This is the most over the top example of left-wing, socialist meddling in economic growth and free enterprise that I have ever even heard of anywhere (outside a communist country). Something must be done, and soon, or we are all doomed on the Palouse. NOTHING will ever be built again in the name of Holy Water. We may as well just pack up, turn off the lights, and move now. That's what the Aquinuts ultimately would like. If Her Dishonor can affect all of us in Whitman County, certainly we should then have the right to recall her from office.

"Common understanding?" Chaney has just declared war on Whitman County. There will be no more Whitman County participation in future "water" or "knowledge corridor" summits. How can Chaney expect ANY cooperation now?


Dale said...

Aren't Moscow's "progressives" great? They'll even get the blood pumping in the next state over :)


April E. Coggins said...

We went to the Pullman City Council meeting last night and some big news will be coming out of last nights meeting. One important item is the probable cooperation between Whitman County, City of Pullman and the Hawkins Co. sharing the cost of extending utilities along the corridor. It wasn't voted on but the proposal seemed very well received. There were other important, pro-growth decisions and statements made too. Such as , we now have a preliminary south by-pass route. If you didn't watch the council meeting last night, try to watch it on the reruns. If Queen Nancy didn't do anything else, she seems to have unified Pullman and Whitman County.

April E. Coggins said...

KQQQ is reporting that Moscow is having a public input meeting tonight about the the A street extention. This is the street that goes behind Wal-Mart and is expected to serve Moscow's future Home Depot and other retail development. I wonder what Moscow would think if Whitman county residents showed up to give our "regional" comments?