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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fact Check

Pullman flourishes because of Washington State University. WSU thrives because it can attract many excellent professors.
- Jim "Uncle Buck" Krueger, January 26, 2007, Moscow-Pullman Daily News
The two land-grant universities on the Palouse have continued to bleed students, according to head counts on the 10th day of spring semester classes.

The University of Idaho lost 595 students statewide compared to spring semester last year. Washington State University lost 406 students from its Pullman campus over the same period.
- Lewiston Tribune, January 30, 2007

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Barenjager said...

Danger, Will Robinson. The factoid associated with enrollment numbers is misleading in WSU's case. We aren't down because we had fewer kids interested in attendance. We are down because of a miscalculation in the admission process. We were just a tad too restrictive with our criteria last spring which resulted in our rejecting too many applicants. The error was found too late to fix the problem for this year.