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Saturday, January 06, 2007

"Growth killers are alive and well"

T.V Reed's latest unhinged rant in the Daily News has drawn much reaction, as I knew it would. This letter appeared in today's Daily News:
Well, there you have it Pullman, another bit of wisdom by > your unelected, un-appointed city planner/growth killer, T.V. Reed (Daily News, Jan 1). I would guess that all growth in your city will have to be approved by him and his Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development cohorts. Reed recommends that you should shop locally, go to Moscow to shop Wal-Mart, or shop the Internet. Those are your only choices.

Too bad, as other choices bring lengthy lawsuits.

We here in Moscow have elected and appointed growth killers. Instead of PARD we have KOSTS — Keep Our Small Town Small. I think it’s modeled after a small town in the old Soviet Union. Their long-term goal is what they refer to as “Smart Growth.” In other words, if they approve of it it’s smart, if they don’t it’s dumb. Apparently, our new Wal-Mart was dumb.

I understand a group wants to build a shopping center out of the reach of PARD and KOSTS. We’ll have to wait and see what group pops up against that one. Word is that it might be that notorious group — Citizens Rally Against Progress.

Varnel Williams, Moscow
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