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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Sincere Invitation

Since the City of Moscow is so interested in the environment (and especially water) they feel compelled to participate in Whitman County land use decisions, I offer the following comprimise: If Moscow and Latah County will voluntarily adopt the same stormwater regulations proposed for implementation in Pullman and Whitman County, I'll support their participation in the process.

Since Moscow is so opposed to big box stores and dark stores, I propose they require any future retailer such as Home Depot or other big box to reutilize the old Tidyman's site rather than further tax resources to expand service on A Street. If they do that, I'll support their participation in the next Whitman County land use decision.

Since both Moscow and PARD are so concerned about sustainability, I propose they do the following:
1. Raise minimum wages in Moscow and Latah county for all workers to the Washington level
2. Fund and conduct a study of the impacts of building Wal Mart and other magnet retail locations in Pullman v. Pullman and Whitman County residents traveling to those stores in Moscow (you know, relative burden on infrastructure, energy/fuel consumption, social and economical costs/benefits, etc). BTW, I'd be really pissed if I were a Moscow resident to know Pullman is exporting it's socially undesirables to hang out in Moscow's Wal Mart parking lot and increase their crime rate. Lowlifes!
3. Adopt other laws, ordinances and covenants identical to those in place on the Washington side of the border and thus level the playing field.
4. Accept Whitman County residents' votes on Moscow and Latah County ballots

If they do that, I'll support them

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