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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Complete Final Report on L'Affaire Sh!^bag

A full copy of the WSU Center for Human Rights on the complaint brought by WSU College Republican Dan Ryder against Professor John Streamas for his use of a racial epithet at the WSU CR border fence demonstration on November 2 can be found here.

The Good:

  • The WSU College Republicans are not held responsible for anything.

  • The door seems to be left open for further disciplinary action by the Provost, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, and the Chair of the CES Department (yeah, right)

  • The Bad:

  • A prior "warning" by the WSU administration about negative reactions to the fence seems to justify the actions of Streamas and others. Talk about a chilling effect on free speech.

  • There is apparently no way, according to Washington State University, to either discriminate against or intimidate a white person. They have just set back race relations a hundred years or more.

  • The Ugly:

  • An unrepentant Streamas is free to continue practicing his brand of hate, discrimination, and intolerance on campus. In fact, as the report shows, he further denigrated Ryder by calling him a "little hurt white boy whose [sic] got all his white skinned privilege."

    Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

    This is a sad day. Since when is it okay to discriminate against anyone. White people may as well give it up and just play dead. Evidently, people's feelings don't matter and white people everywhere should be called names.

    April E. Coggins said...

    The Director for the Center for Human Rights is our old friend, Raul Sanchez.

    This is strangely familiar, "If you put on any more plays, please seek us out well ahead of time, so we may help you develop a constructive framework for anticipating and responding to public reactions to your work."

    See a pattern?

    Uncle Bubba said...

    The Center for Human Rights...what an oxymoron!
    Raul Sanchez and the CHR did exactly what everyone expected...NOTHING!

    The CHR missed their chance to show the world that all people's rights at WSU would be upheld regardless of race,sex,creed or color. We have all seen this is not the case.

    Who oversees the Center for Human Rights when they themselves discriminate ? Institutional racism. Quite possibly.

    Michael said...

    John Streamas has made the big time, instapundit and the Volokh Conspiracy.
    Michael Costello