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Monday, December 18, 2006

So I Go to Florida, and a Hurricane Hits Pullman

Better hope I don't head to San Francisco anytime soon! The town might be levelled by an earthquake! Nothing like coming home from a vacation and seeing a big piece of your house laying in the yard.

My family and I just returned from a week in the Sunshine State where my wife received a doctoral degree from the University of Florida. Before and after the graduation ceremonies, we went to Universal Studios Orlando, Walt Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center and Sea World and had a great time.

So, let's see what did I miss while I was among the palm trees, ample retail, 60 degree warmer temperatures, and one extra hour of daylight?

  • I guess we all now know why L'Affaire Sh!^bag was neatly flushed and sanitized for your protection. If Professor John ExStreamas had been sh!^canned (as anyone that had used a non-white racial epithet surely would have been), flocks of righteously indignant (and ignorant) moonbats would have descended on Lane Rawlins' office, like last year after Robbie Cowgill was exonerated. Since such a demonstration probably wasn't listed on the brochure for WSU's first African-American president, Elson Floyd, PR won out over justice and the stench coming from French Ad grows yet stronger

  • I see Jim "Uncle Buck" Krueger, in addition to being the world's leading expert in deer testicular shrinkage, now fancies himself a traffic engineer. I loved Krueger's letter. Each new letter from a PARDner continues to illustrate the sophist croner they have painted themselves into. For example, is Krueger against ANY further growth on Bishop (the logical conclusion) or is twice as much square footage than Wal-Mart okay as long as it is not Wal-Mart (as implied by Citizen Hosick)? What a quandary! Suppose Costco and Target, two PARD endorsed stores, were to announce plans to build on Bishop Blvd. with more combined square footage than Wal-Mart and even worse traffic. The PARDners are trying to count how many angels can fit on the head of a needle.

  • The Hawkins Companies retail development in the Pullman/Moscow Corridor received (yet another) approval from the county. The countdown to the Moscow City Council's inevitable appeal is on.

  • I'll have more later. As you might guess, I'm a bit tired from the long journey home.


    Satanic Mechanic said...

    Welcome back Tom.

    Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

    Congratulations to Susan! I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. It has been quite the ride around here.