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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Highway 195 strikes again

Well back on Friday the 8th of December 195 struck again, this time it took an acquaintance her name was Lisa Jeleniowski; she was headed to Colfax to see a friend that Friday night. For you Palousitics regulars remember that our very own "Scotty" got called away the night of our annual party to help at that accident.

I did a little research and found that Whitman County has about 3 to 4 deaths per year on our highways and roads. Which 195 is the major road with by far the most deaths of any other. I was headed to Spokane the other day and when we were between Plaza & Spangle I was on of 25 cars in a line; yes that is right 25. When you get strings of cars that long it doesn’t take much for someone to get into a hurry and start to pass when they get held up for long period and that is when we start to have problems.

We need more passing lanes and for sure in time 195 needs to be 4 lanes all the way to Spokane. Remember back to when you got caught in the crawl to Colfax? Well I did this last day after the Apple Cup Game. It is past due to have 4 lanes between Colfax the county seat and the counties largest city. How can we make this happen? How do we raise the peoples interest into raising there voices to make something happen? How many more people have to lose people like we have? EVERY death has someone that is family and they hurt and want something done; I am sure so it won’t happen to more people. If you want to put a face with Lisa Click HERE She sure was way more than just some sort of ‘Stat’.

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