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Friday, December 01, 2006

Educated but not smart

Holly Campbell proves once again that you don't have to be particularly bright or insightful to be awarded a college degree. Her letter to the editor in today's Daily Evergreen is filled with classic politically correct, left leaning, liberal arts drivel that they apparently hand out by the bag full in her department. She asserts that a faculty member’s use of the term “white s***bag is not racist because “white is not derogatory, it is a qualifier.” It was evident to all present that the people being assailed were white. One can only conclude that the use of the term was meant to be derogatory, not merely descriptive. I have a few questions for Ms. Campbell. If it’s only a qualifier, would she have felt the same if black, Asian, female, short or any number of other “qualifiers” had been used instead of white? If white were not being used in a derogatory (and therefore racist) descriptor, why was it used at all? Could it be that in the magical world of the affected, left leaning liberal arts and social sciences crowd that using racial descriptors in a derogatory way is not inherently racist?

She trots out the PC drivel again when describing the symbolic wall as comparing to swastikas and Confederate flags. In the lifetime of the students on the mall that day (and one of the faculty members) I have not once heard any government official, political party member or private person advocate that any nationality or race be excluded from legally immigrating. I have heard many arguments (some reasonable and some not so) regarding how to control illegal immigration. It is my understanding that the College Republicans were supporting a policy advocated by and enacted by our elected government officials. Somehow, I missed the day they taught that such activities were racist.

Ms. Campbell really goes deep down the rabbit hole when she implies that you can’t be racist or discriminatory unless you are in the majority. The question is not whether the term “white” is racist. The question is whether it was used to denigrate the targeted individuals because of their race. What would you call that?


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