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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

John Streamas Does Not Stop With "White Sh!t Bag" Slur!!

In reply to a CHR request for a meeting, Respondent (John Streamas) left an unsolicited voicemail message, which stated, in relevant part:

The fence was a racist attack upon us. And… I think that we need to talk about that… whatever I said to one person is not equal to whatever that fence did to hundreds of people, attacking us personally and communally. And that’s the issue – the fence, what people said is not nearly as important as how racist an attack that fence is… know some Republicans who themselves think that the fence was a racist insult and are ashamed of the College Republicans…

This is a racist university. Many of our students say that WSU stands for White Supremacist University. … Many, many people have been hurt. I don’t care about the hurt feelings of one white person; I care about the hurt feelings of many, many people of color and immigrants who were offended by that fence… That is what I care about. The feelings of one little hurt white boy (in reference to Dan Ryder) whose got all his white skinned privilege are nothing compared to the hundreds of people he offended with his racist fence. That’s the issue here… [Emphasis in original voice message]

I have the report in front of me and it doesn’t stop there. I can only say wow. If the press would like to contact Dan Ryder for comment please contact him at:

Dan Ryder
East-Vice Chair Washington State College Republican Federation

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