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Monday, December 04, 2006

Exciting News!

I'm pleased to report that former County Commissioner candidate (and my co-worker at SEL), Nathan Weller, has accepted my invitation to join Palousitics as a regular contributor. I have always intended that Palousitics be truly a community blog and include many voices.

Nathan and I won't agree on every issue. For example, I think we probably differ on the role of government in the private sector. He's a Democrat and I'm a Republican. During the election, I was a big supporter of Nathan's opponent, Michael Largent.

But that's okay, because one thing we both agree on is that we love Pullman and Whitman County and want to see them prosper. Economic growth and affordable housing SHOULD be bipartisan issues.

I think debate is healthy. I don't believe anyone has a monopoly on the truth and that learning is a continual process.

I'm looking forward to Nathan relating his experiences in running for office and to seeing his continuing ideas for economic development.

Let's welcome Nathan!


Scotty said...

Sounds like Tom is handing out Kool Aid to the rest of us while he is trying to re-live his college years! :)

Just Kidding, Welcome Nathan.

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...


Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Welcome, Nathan! Say... why don't I see you around my shop anymore? Did campaigning take away all of your spare time? ;)

Ray Lindquist said...

Welcome Nathan, I wish you well here. I will read your post's with an open mind and you may be able to sway me here and there. I will maybe even stop call ALL Democrats RATS. Maybe you will bring with you some of your fellow travelers from the 'other-side' and as Tom has said ...always intended that Palousitics be truly a community blog and include many voices. So I say a VERY Hearty WELCOME Nathan.

Scotty said...

Commentary from a conservative viewpoint on current events in Pullman, the Palouse and Washington State from the Caped Crusader and a handful of fanatical Wal-Mart advocates