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Friday, December 01, 2006

Operation Desert Christmas

You know, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of our servicemen and women doing a dangerous job far from home. As we enter the holiday season, it must be even tougher for them.

That's why I was excited to hear today that my company, Schweitzer Engineering Labs, is collecting items to include in 10lb packages which will be distributed to units outside the Green Zone in Iraq.

I'm going to be making a donation. If you'd like to join with me, e-mail me or contact another SEL employee that you know,

What You Can Send:

  • Current Magazines

  • Disposable Razors / Shaving Brushes

  • Letters and Cards to “Any Soldier”

  • Lip Balm / Shampoo / Deodorant

  • Small to Medium Sized Notebooks, Envelopes

  • DVDs – Current Releases / Classics / Seasonal

  • Beanie Babies (Soldiers love to give them to Iraqi children)

  • Small Toys / Novelties / Phone Cards

  • Almost Anything!

  • Please make your donations before Noon, Thursday December 7.


    April E. Coggins said...

    Russ and I led a similar effort when the war first broke out.
    We tried to include a personal note in each package. It took a couple of months, but then the replies started arriving and there were many. Believe me, one reply from a soldier makes any effort on our part seem miniscule compared to the sacrifice that our soldiers are making. Please consider making up a personal package, like you would send to your own children for Christmas. Don't skimp. Send a personal note of gratitude explaining why you are sending the package and how much you appreciate their service. You will be rewarded ten fold.

    Satanic Mechanic said...

    I have been sending packages for three years now. Believe me, it is the highlight of a soldier's week to get a package. Remember when you were a kid at Christmas? That is the feeling.
    My best friend was sent out for a tour last year and the biggest request he wanted was breadmix. They had a breadmachine and there was nothing like having fresh bread when your duty shift was over with.

    Just some reminders when sending stuff to the soldiers in the middle east- they don't allow alcohol, pork, horror movies, bikini mags, porn, firearms or any religous materials other than islam. Yeah I know, pretty messed up.

    Some stuff I reccomend:
    microwave meals- sometimes the chow halls are closed when they come off shift.
    batteries- for Cd players
    cans of tuna
    energy bars