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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Carole the Clueless

Fence no less offensive

After reading Dan Ryder’s comments, I am left wondering what he is defending, his honor or his topic — the fence.

Besides protesting on state property, was his group using school equipment to videotape the event?

Bad behavior is not conducive to communication. However, the Washington State University College Republicans and Ryder’s racial slur to millions of people was no less offensive.

Carole Reid

So, Carole Reid doesn't get it...again!

The fence was not a "protest", it was a demonstration is support of a national policy. It was in support of a government action, not a protest against one. Something the loonie lefties appearantly will never understand since all they have are a big belly full of bitches and gripes with no solutions. Carole, like the rest of her PARDner buddies are "all hat and no cattle" when it comes to being useful to society. They dress themselves up and pretend to participate but really, all they do is degrade the system with their incessant childish and simplistic demands.

I've a suggestion for Carole and all the ding-dongs around here that think the way she does on the issue at hand. Try living in an area impacted by illegal immigration. What's that you say? Why, you're right. We do live in such an area. That's one of the reasons healthcare costs in the US are off the rails. It's one of the reasons we're in a race to the bottom on wages and loosing our middle class.

Welcome to the 21st century reality, Carole. You and your ilk are killing the American dream. Not only that, you are killing the dream in countries where illegals originate. Who do you think is doing all the immigrating? Is it the lazy, slow witted, unmotivated slob or the idle rich? Nope, it's the bright, motivated, can do types. Now, if we're draining them away from their home countries, how is it ever going to get better there and abate the need to move away?

Thanks, Carole and Co. You are the problem!

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