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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remember remember the 7th of December...

I would like everyone who is reading to understand the events of December 7th, many in my generation have forgotten what our nation faced this day in 1941. As the bombers flew in from far off Japanese fleets many people were getting ready for Church or were on duty at Pearl Harbor. When news of the bombs falling on Hawaii reached the public, Americans demanded immediate action and rallied around a war that few understood and fewer wanted, less than a month before.
Now as I come upon my 25th birthday I feel adulation over another year gone by but also humbled by the people that came before me and gave me this life that I enjoy. Especially, my grandfather who fought in the Pacific and always told me to remember this day and the people who fought and died in the history of our nation. No matter what background we come from, no matter what our ideals, views, or lines we draw in the sand let us always be thankful for those people than have served and continue to serve each and everyone of us. From lands near and far, to the air and sea our fellow brothers and sisters look across the horizon toward home while holding firm their ground so that we can enjoy our freedom, that is something we can never forget.
So now I ask you one thing, please tell at least one person of the sacrifices our fellow Americans and their families have made on our behalf and join me in rememberance and thanks.

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Ray Lindquist said...

WOW Nathan with posts like that all I can say is AMEN and where have you been. The one thing that was very different about war then; than now is that the people pulled together as a nation and did not want the 'other' party to fail as they lead the way in the war. I am not sure what it will take in the war on terror that we are now in to make us as a nation to come together but it seems to me that it will be a LOT more people will have to die first. What a shame that is. THX for a GREAT POST.