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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Watkins Chides Opponents for Kindergarten Tactics in District 1 Race

Why are we surprised?

At a James Watkins for Congress campaign event in Kitsap County last night, the candidate made an announcement I hadn’t heard before. Approaching the close, he informed his supporters how divisive and ugly his opponents are shaping up to be. Complete with show and tell, James took a moment to describe the theft of campaign signs in the city of Shoreline but with a twist. This time his opponents left something behind – a large poster sign declaring, “Republicans are a Disease.”

I think my only real surprise in all of this was that I was surprised. This just isn't vandalism. This is organized hate complete with web site, followers, and republishing on other websites.

In an era where progressives, liberals, and Democrats appear quite willing to label Tea Party organizations as anything from Nazi’s to racists without evidence, when liberal “journolist’s” can conspire in secret to manipulate political messaging without being held accountable, when the Black Panther Party can openly intimidate at a voting station without prosecution by the AG nor rebuke by either the NAACP or Congressional Black Caucus, when the Obama administration can call the State of Arizona’s SB1070 racist before even reading the law (and fail to use that argument in court proceedings)… why would we be surprised that Jay Inslee supporters would stoop to such childish behavior. That there has been no formal response from Jay Inslee in spite of local mainstream media coverage even suggests Democrats condone the dirty tricks; so much for the hope of civil politics and fundamental change, unless of course you are referring to the steady increase of Chicago bullying and Blago-handed politics.

Rightfully so, James sternly chided his opponents for “kindergarten tactics” and used the prop to help emphasize his own philosophy of fair-mindedness against the weakness of his opponents ideas. This candidate wants to focus on the solutions, not the dirt, and is just another reason why he deserves broad support of conservatives, independents, and moderates.


Anonymous said...

As if your party leader Rush Limbaugh isn't even more divisive, and ugly. You know. Rush, the head Republican. The one that openly states he wants our president to fail at the job of cleaning up after Bush. Michael Savage has been saying "Liberalism is a disease" for years. You can give it, but you can't take it. It's not like anyone in the GOP ever stood up to Rush....

kingstonJW said...

Past bad behavior doesn't justify current bad behavior. If we want chance, then we all have to act on it and be part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Seems Mr. Candidate got his timeline all screwed up. The signs were taken 2 weeks before the RepublicansAreADisease.com sign got put up.

I guess some folks don't pay too much attention to details when it comes to outrage, and throwing fits. I also don't think people that put up political signs would actually take other people's signs down. Doesn't seem to make sense. They usually just try to put up more signs than their competitors.

H1N1 Not said...

I watched the video from King5TV and the home owner said his signs got took 2 weeks before the other sign got put up. I wonder why the people going crazy didn't realize this.