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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Patty Murray Launches Negative Primary Ad

Patty Murray, 18 year Senate veteran, has launched a negative ad against Dino Rossi, even before the primary election has been held.  This is in contrast to Dino Rossi, who launched a positive ad today, calling for change in Washington D.C. that will actually help people in the state of Washington.
US Senate Candidate Dino Rossi
During a press conference today, Dino Rossi said that the functional unemployment rate in Washington is 17.4%.  This number includes those receiving unemployment, people giving up looking for work, as well as underemployed skilled workers that are delivering pizzas.

Rossi said that two out of 10 Washington workers being functionally unemployed is too high.  As he goes around the state, talking with people and business owners, they talk about being worried about making their mortgage payments, and feeding their kids.

He went on to discuss how the healthcare reform is a tax and spending bill, with a little healthcare sprinkled on top.  Murray’s 60th, and deciding vote on this has killed jobs in Washington.

“Even the Chinese government is telling us we are spending too much money” said Rossi.

“We need private sector jobs”, explained Rossi, “instead of more government spending.”

Rossi called for extending all tax cuts enacted under the previous administration, and simplifying the tax code to make it fair and predictable so small businesses can hire more people.

He noted that in Murray’s ad, she is criticizing some of the same legislation that she voted for, such as bailouts of failed businesses.

Rossi said that Murray has not had a private sector job in her adult life, and does not understand entrepreneurs willing to risk it all in order to chase after their dream of making a better life in America.

When asked about energy policy, Rossi responded by saying we need an “all of the above approach”, which includes wind, solar, and even nuclear power in order to achieve energy independence.  He specifically called for continuing to use the vitrification plant at Hanford to turn radioactive sludge into a glass product that can be safely stored at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.  Murray has remained silent on Senator Reid’s attempts to shut that down, until Rossi made it an issue in his campaign.

Dino Rossi’s Ad:

Patty Murray's negative ad attacking Dino Rossi:

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Dan said...

Watch Murray's HYPOCRITICAL ad, and then go here to see which candidate is getting LAWYERS and LOBBYISTS to support her: http://www.opensecrets.org/races/indus.php?cycle=2010&id=WAS2