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Monday, August 09, 2010

Clint Didier: Liar and Hypocrite

Self-proclaimed champion of the Tea Party, Clint Didier has consistently proclaimed that he is the opposite of the "politics as usual" that have so many Americans frustrated and angry. So in a fitting epitaph to his failed U.S. Senate campaign, Didier has just released a negative video ad attacking fellow Republican Dino Rossi so full of lies and half-truths, it would warm the heart of the most left-wing Democrat:

Even the Seattle Times had to rebut this nonsense:

The piece is pretty blatantly misleading on one of its main contentions.

It claims Rossi didn't cut spending to deal with a budget deficit - that he instead "raised taxes" - referring to a five-cent gas tax increase approved that year.

But the gas tax isn't even part of the general state budget that Rossi was charged with crafting. The state gas tax is dedicated to a separate roads budget. Rossi did vote for the nickel increase that year, along with many Republicans -- it marked the first time the gas tax had gone up in a decade.

And the budget Rossi helped write - he had to compromise with then-Gov. Gary Locke and Democrats who controlled the state House - did cut make cuts to state spending.
Will Dino Rossi counterattack? No. He told a group in Pullman on Friday that he doesn't run against Republicans. He is a firm believer in Reagan's 11th Commandment.

So is this what the Tea Party has come to? More of the same old negativity? Devouring our own while the leftists sit back and laugh? Didier has just proven himself to be like every other politican, willing to do or say anything to get elected.

Goodbye Clint. And good riddance.

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Patriot C said...

You ask what has the tea party come to? The tea party is like alphabet soup. You now have 912, AFP, tea party, Campaign for Liberty, and a lot of others. Tea party is not what is was a year ago. Even though all tea parties have some similarities they have very different agendas and all seem to want to put their own definition to grassroots.