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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pete DeBoer wants Appleton's seat in the Washington 23rd

And he just might get it if voters are listening.

In a two-hour interview with this 3rd generation Dutch-American yesterday, I found Pete to be humble, thoughtful, knowledgeable, proven in both business and local government, and a devoted man of the sea. His devotion to the sea is reflected in his life’s work and service to a community he loves. A wonderful reflection of Kitsap Peninsula’s cultural and economic values, Pete DeBoer (R) will provide a very credible alternative to incumbent Sherry Appleton (D) this November. Conservatives, independents, Tea Party activists and even moderate liberals will find Pete DeBoer has some very practical and credible ideas… and they should take the time to know what they are for an informed vote.

I write today with restraint about Pete, not because he doesn’t have the right stuff to hold office but because I haven’t yet afforded Representative Appleton equal time. So for the moment I set upon the case to implore North Kitsap County voters and others who would choose to be active, to learn about this man, his motivations and his mission… and to participate in perhaps the most important election cycle in decades. Pete DeBoer sees a bright future for Washington State and his approach is different than the status quo.

Among other things, democracy is about the civil and orderly competition of ideas that represent the people’s will. Failure to participate and make an informed vote tells current leaders by omission that we believe things are just fine. Things are not just fine. With high unemployment, out of control government budgets, increasing taxes, more regulations and poor overall performance it is important that voters use this competition to elect the best of our best. Unfortunately, voter apathy and disenchantment may suggest we lose this chance with only an estimated 1/3 return of mail in ballots! That is just terrible! This is the first election in decades that is less about party and more about performance. Who will help lead us there?

I urge you all to make thoughtful and informed decisions when you cast your ballots in the primary and later in November. Do you like it the way things are or do you want change? Don’t make your decision by omission. Learn about your representatives and candidates.

And while you are at it, look closely at Pete DeBoer for Washington’s 23rd.

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