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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tweeting is RIGHT today!

As Publicola stated earlier today, Twitter has been blowing up today with the Right. I know I personally have logged 130+ tweets and I am not even watching the returns yet! Social Media is not a tool that only the left can use. In fact there are many younger generation Republicans that use Twitter & Facebook extensively on their campaigns to get messaging out.

I am so excited to see what direction that republicans take with bringing new media to the table. I know that I was not thrilled with Twitter or Facebook when I first started. Once I understood the importance of using new media, I found a new way of reaching people that they understood and it made me relevant to them.

A snippet from the article:

Republicans are dominating in the categories that matter: they have more followers, they’re more active, and they are more in sync with each other. According to TweetCongress, a Web site that tracks congressional activity on Twitter, the most active Twitter account in Congress is the Senate Republicans’ Twitter handle, Senate_GOPs, which puts out an average of 7.85 tweets per day. Of the most active Twitter handles for members of Congress, the top 10 are all Republicans. And of the Congressional Twitter handles with the most followers, nine of the top 10 are Republicans — the only exception is Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

On YouTube, eight of the top 10 channels among members of Congress belong to GOP members — and Republicans surpassed Democrats in total video views in 2009, according to industry analyst TubeMogul.

Looks like we won't be trouncing the Democrats in elections only this November :)

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