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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Surprise- 3rd District Partisan Split on Federal Aid

The Olympian has an interesting article on the split in the 3rd on Obama's federal aid package to the states today.

Apparently, and to no surprise, the candidates in the 3rd are spilt among partisan lines. Shocker, I know. As if we could expect any less.

To quote Kathy Durbin at the Olympian:

Democrat Denny Heck told Durbin he favored the aid, believing the cost was offset by savings elsewhere in the budget.

But the leading Republican candidates, Jaime Herrera of Camas and David Castillo of Olympia, were against it on grounds that states should be adjusting budgets to economic realities. Castillo claimed that the states' problems are of their own doing, despite the dramatic loss of revenues caused by the international and national downturn that began in 2008.

The two Republicans' position was in line with their past opposition to federal stimulus spending.

Wow, our budget is out of control and we want to favor the aid? Shame on you, Denny Heck. We need fiscal responsibility now more than ever.

Please check out one of the responsible candidates running for office that aren't trying to run your family into debt - David Castillo or Jaime Herrera.


Lew Waters said...

I asked David Castillo about this earlier this evening. To paraphrase what he said, this is nothing more than another union pay off that does not reach the kids and took millions out of the food stamp program to pay for it.

I know Jaime Herrera says she also opposes it, but given her history of siding with Democrats when they raided the last $229,000,000 out of our rainy day fund, ostensibly to prevent a tax increase, which didn't work (we got tax increases too), I am not convinced she would have opposed it if she were in the House.

TomKat said...

Good points Lew. I know Castillo would have my vote if I was in his district. He seems to be the most fiscally responsible of the group. Sorry guys. I'm voting with my wallet this year!