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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Didiakers Follow Through on Promise to Jointly End Political Careers

As promised, Washington U.S. Senate candidates have followed through on their promise made last week to start running joint "Didiakers" radio ads spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy paranoia about Republican frontrunner Dino Rossi.  Here it is:

The Odd Couple allude to how "Washington, D.C. and special interests are dumping millions of dollars into our opponent's campaign war chest," yet mysteriously Dino Rossi's latest FEC report only shows around $200K in PAC contributions.

Didiakers speak of how voters are "frustrated with party politics as usual," yet Akers himself has raised only a little over $45,000 in individual contributions.  Where is HIS grassroots support one might ask?  Didier has been endorsed by two of the leading Republican rebels in the country, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul, and yet his second quarter fundraising was less than than what he had raised prior to those endorsements.  Who exactly is to blame here?

And somehow, the duo claim, nefarious Republican "insiders" want you to believe "only their guy can win" and "they don't want you to know the polls show we can beat Patty Murray," despite the fact that Public Policy Polling, a left-leaning pollster has just released a poll of the August 17 "top two" Washington U.S. Senate Primary that has incumbent Patty Murray at 47%, Rossi at 33%, Didier at 10% and Akers at 4%.  This poll matches almost exactly the results of previous "top two" primary polls taken by Survey USA and Elway.  It's even more ironic when you consider that Akers' campaign was inspired and announced by the ultimate GOP insider, Dick Morris.

There's no point in reiterating what every political strategist says is the fatal mistake of both candidates remaining in the race to split what little support they have instead of pooling it together to go after Rossi by having one bow out of the race and endorse the other.

Didiakers are right in that this is unprecedented.  The self-immolation of two public figures has never before been broadcast so willingly and widely.  Sad really.

And is it just me, or does the red background they use in the video remind anyone of the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks?  Seems fitting, as both Didier's and Aker's political futures have disappeared along with Agent Cooper.


Erin in Renton said...

I think Akers really should have decided to bow out of the race and endorse Didier--it would have made more sense. I heard the radio ad today on KTTH 770 and I think it is just sad.

Both men should have kept their mouths shut and decided to run again for a different office, say for example, Akers against Maria Cantvotewell. I have said for MONTHS that I believe that only Rossi can win in this race against Murray and nobody from the RNC or NRSC, etc. had to tell me this, I came to my own conclusion from my own voting experiences. Murray is a 3 time US Senator that the voters have liked so she will be very difficult to defeat and we cannot risk that seat to a couple of rookie players no matter how great they are as individuals.

I have been a Washington Republican for all of my life (born when Evans was Governor!) and have been registered to vote since 1986 at 18, so I am well aware of the history of successful candidates to the US Senate and Congress from Western WA and they are not as conservative as these two gentlemen. "Mainstream" Republicans like Slade Gorton, Rob McKenna and Dino Rossi win in statewide races.

I think Didier needs to run for a state office such as State Senator or US Congress even if he is challenging another Republican office holder in the future. He could serve the people of Eastern Washington very well and then perhaps seek US Senate again in the future. Don't waste the voters time on conspiracy theories about not being able to get your message out because the actual grassroots support is with Rossi--the donations to the campaign are overwhelmingly from individuals like me--middle class Washingtonians.

Adam J. Niehenke said...

I think Akers would be great against cantdrill, but this is getting absurd. Didier and akers are looking more and more like politicians every day! only somone worried about their own self interest i.e. politicians stay in. Maybe chris was worried about an embarassment and his self interest in that regards and got out for that reason......ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Their partnership gives neither of them anything advantageous. It's like two people agreeing to hold hands as they hold onto a sinking boat, instead of using both hands to swim as hard as they [each by themselves] can for the finish line. Where has this EVER been shown to be an effective campaign strategy? How can this make any sense?