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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Didier Favors Impregnation By Rape

Didier Speaking at a Tea Party Event in Yakima, July 2010

As recently as May 28th, Clint Didier was touting how he was a team player, and would support whoever faced off with Patty Murray this November.  This is what he said on the David Boze radio show:
"If it is Patty Murray and whoever - it's whoever. Vote against Patty Murray. And we gotta stimulate this movement in the state of Washington that whoever comes out of that primary we gotta get behind. And believe me, if it's not me, whoever it is, I'm gonna get behind them. I'm gonna work as hard for them as I did for me. Because it's not about me. It's about our kids, our grandkids, and assuring they have that same shot at the American Dream. It's about America."
Following the primary election however, Didier reversed course and refused to endorse Dino Rossi, who will face off with Murray.  Didier instead drew up a list of demands for Rossi to sign, before giving an endorsement.  These demands include having Rossi sign a pro-life pledge, and promising to vote against increased spending and taxes.

Nevermind that these are things that Rossi has stood for all along.  In fact, he has a legislative voting record of balancing the state budget, and holding the line on taxes.  He introduced legislation to protect the unborn while in the state senate, and is a Roman-Catholic.  Rossi is on record as having said that abortion is morally wrong.

Near the end of the primary campaign, Didier attempted to smear Rossi as pro-abortion.  His evidence for this consisted of one vote Rossi took in the state senate.  The vote was to allow women who are victims of rape, to take the morning-after pill.  By opposing this, are we to assume that Didier is in favor of impregnating women by rape?  If we follow the logic of the Didier campaign, this is the case.

Rossi might make exceptions for women who are victims of rape and incest.  Didier is making clear he favors impregnation by these methods.  I would expect better of a farmer from eastern Washington.

Rossi is a bona-fide fiscal conservative.  He has signed the Tea Party backed "Contract From America."  He has a voting record in the state senate that showcases his philosophy.  In addition, his two statewide campaigns for governor have gotten voters acquainted with him.  Now that he is the top dog for the U.S. Senate race, Didier is showing us how much of a sore-loser he is.

Didier is also showing how dishonest he is, not only in trying to paint Rossi as a tax and spend politician, or questioning his pro-life beliefs, but also breaking his own promise to support the Republican facing Patty Murray in November.

As a person who is pro-life, I would rather have Dino Rossi in the Senate, than Patty Murray.  What's wrong with you, Clint Didier?

NWDigest.com: Fuiten: Dino Rossi IS Pro-Life


Erin in Renton said...

Thank you so much for writing a story about this--I was shocked to hear that he is not in favor of emergency contraception for women who have been raped! I have taken on several people who have been Didier supporters and also the Washington Life Coalition on FB and I cannot believe these folks. So, if a man cannot have a particular woman or girl, he can rape her in the hopes of impregnating her, and if Didier had his way, she would not be allowed to have emergency contraception to prevent an unwanted pregnancy? I think this is a sick and cruel position to put all women of childbearing age in, be they 11 years old or 45 years old. I am a pro-life Christian but I am in favor of emergency contraception in cases of rape. It can prevent an abortion at a later stage of pregnancy if used correctly and shortly after a woman has been raped.

kingstonJW said...

I am not nor have been a Didier supporter but your implication that he favors impregnation by rape or incest is simply incorrect and terribly misleading. I challenge you to show proof that he favors such illegal violence against women or make a correction. What may be true is that he does not favor abortion regardless of how the woman was impregnated, and that is unfortunate enough in itself. It seems to me a public crime to force a woman to carry such an atrocity against her without her consent.

Jason R. Raines said...

I am not saying that Didier favors impregnation by incest or rape. What I am saying is, that if we apply the same logic as the Didier campaign, that this must be the case.

Didier is deliberately trying to suggest that Dino Rossi is not pro-life, despite Rossi's long record to the contrary.

In another context, I am a second amendment rights supporter, but believe it is reasonable to restrict the ownership of 155mm howitzers. This does not mean that I am for "gun control". (Unless we use Didier campaign logic.)

Didier needs to stop his slime-ball tactics in his attempts to damage Rossi, especially now that the primary is over.