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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leading by Example in a Recession

"The economy is all about money, and politics is all about power. Nowhere does the good of the people figure in or matter." - Author Unkown

I was thinking as I got up this morning how lucky I am to have a job. Still, like most Americans, I struggle. I have children. I have a house payment. I have car payments. I have the daily needs that every family has. I look at the struggles I face daily, and I think, wow, and it really COULD be worse.

Thousands of Americans have lost homes in this recession. I have heard the radio and billboard ads that say "The thing about recessions is that they end". Uhm, ok. When? We have been whipping out a credit card for so many bailouts that we are now 13.3 TRILLION dollars in debt. Each American citizen now OWES $43,115.80. That's more than I make in a year, and I seriously doubt my children can afford that either.

All of this got me thinking- in Washington State, do we know how our tax dollars are being spent? Specifically, how much money WE pay our elected officials? I found several interesting databases that SHOCKED me on the dollar figure we are paying the people we chose to represent us.

For Pierce County, click here.

For King County, click here.

For State Salaries, click here.

I have always believed that the people who are hiring determine what the pay should be (novel concept, no?) If you disagree with some of these outrageous salaries as I do, I strongly encourage you to write to your representatives, from city council to Senator and tell them that like all Americans, its time to cut back and trim the fat. Belt tightening starts at home, and these folks should lead by example.

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