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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Illegal Immigrants Flee Arizona For Washington

Because Washington allows undocumented Democrats to get drivers licenses.

Carlos Hernandez packed up his family and left Arizona after the state passed its sweeping immigration crackdown. The illegal immigrant's new home outside Seattle offered something Arizona could not: a driver's license.

Three states - Washington, New Mexico and Utah - allow illegal immigrants to get licenses because their laws do not require proof of citizenship or legal residency. An Associated Press analysis found that those states have seen a surge in immigrants seeking IDs in recent months, a trend experts attribute to crackdowns on illegal immigration in Arizona and elsewhere.

"It's difficult being undocumented and not having an identification," said Hernandez, of Puebla, Mexico"You can use the Mexican ID, but people look down on it." An American drivers license is also a requirement for many jobs.

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