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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Patty Murray In Trouble

Tuesday's primary revealed that Patty Murray is in big trouble.

Murray, who is currently serving out her third term in the Senate and acts as Harry Reid's number four in Senate Democratic leadership, failed to reach the 50 percent mark Tuesday in a contest where she had no serious Democratic competition -- but plenty of Republicans on the ballot.

Moreover, the most well-known among them, her months-ago predetermined general election opponent Dino Rossi, took just under 34 percent of the vote to Murray's 46 percent -- a tally best described as too close for comfort.

Even worse for Murray, when the votes cast by supporters of other Republicans -- namely former Washington Redskins player and Tea Party favorite Clint Didier (who garnered about 12 percent of the vote) and businessman Paul Akers (who garnered about 2.5 percent) -- were added to Rossi's total, Republicans collectively bested Murray's take of the vote, 48 percent to 46.

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