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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watkins & Burke in the Brier Patch - Inslee Team a “No Show”

James Watkins (R) and Matthew Burke (R) were hot topics at the 8th annual Porch Light Parade in Brier this last Wednesday evening. The two Republican candidates vying for Congressional District 1 were not taking anything for granted, both working hard to personally get their messages out and both teams encouraging heavy participation in the primary. In a great example of small town Americana, you couldn’t help cheer them on as these freshman politicians mixed it up with the grass roots. But even with all the great fun, there was something missing… No, the Drill Team was there… the marching groups, the cars and the motorcycles… but where was Jay Inslee (D)? Not a sign to be seen. There is a message in this.

Conventional wisdom would probably suggest that historically strong incumbents like Inslee would be prioritizing their time and money for after the primary, when their opponent is clear. Jay Inslee, after all, is certain to find himself in the top two according to recent poles so why should he waste his money now? Well, that might be conventional wisdom. Another thought is that far left Democrats are misreading Americans in a big, big way.

Recent poles show that Congress, including Republicans, only has an 11% approval rating. The economy is in shambles, the country is in massive debt, joblessness remains high and it sometimes seems as if our own government is actively working against its States and its people. President Obama’s personal rating hovers in the 40’s and more than 70% of Americans think that we are going the wrong direction. This is a stunning outlook for incumbents and failing to have a presence while the opposition is so effectively getting their message out is more reflective of arrogance than prudence.

Perhaps it is no mere circumstance that the “SeaScare” parade could be a premonition for a “sea change” in government this November. Support your candidates and be sure to vote in the primary!

Photo top left: James Watkins shaking hands with onlooker. Top right: Matthew Burke responding to crowd. Lower right: Ta'ani, Ruth, and Mariana perform with the Northside Drill Team and Drum Squad.

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