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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Fourth Estate Surrenders

In an era when traditional news outlets are increasingly being supplanted by new media such as blogs and Twitter, you would think mainstream media journalists would want to get the facts first and stay abreast of breaking news.

KOMO TV (Seattle) news reporter Mark Miller notes in his bio:
“When someone agrees to an on-camera interview, they are opening themselves up and putting a great deal of trust in me. My job is to get the facts, but my first concern is to make sure they know I care, I’m listening, and I’m grateful for what they are giving me.”
Unless of course, you're the Washington State Republican Party.  In which case, don't bother giving Miller anything.

Miller left a voice mail message with WSRP Communications Director Peter Cowman stating that he desired to be taken off their e-mail distribution list.   Here's an excerpt from the recording:
Because I remain, you know, neutral on that... I'm getting the e-mails and I would prefer to be off the e-mail list.  I get so many e-mails, the campaign stuff, honestly it really doesn't help me much as a journalist.  I've got to be so careful.  We don't pay attention to it when it comes from the candidate...So if I need educated,  I know I can call you on any issue.
Really, who cares what the candidates or parties say?  There's always MSNBC.

UPDATE:  Publicola reports that Washington Democrats have received no similar request from KOMO.

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