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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Desperate Didier Touts Bogus Poll

Washington U.S. Senate candidate Clint Didier tweeted yesterday:
Wall St. Journal just called.Told him WA State Political Poll has me leading Rossi 2nd month in a row. www.washingtonstatepolls.com #wcot
There's little chance the Wall Street Journal will report that.

Several weeks back, I was made aware of a website called washingtonstatepolls.com.  It had some fairly unbelievable Senate and Congressional race results.  Taking a look at the self-selecting methodology and the lack of transparency concerning the pollster, I immediately dismissed it.

Now today's The Columbian has a front page story exposing the poll, which it says has "zero credibility with polling professionals."
It polls from an unspecified database within the state, giving “those selected for the survey” a website link and a survey code that allow them to answer the survey questions online. It claims a return rate of 10 to 15 percent, and, in the most recent 3rd District results, a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points.

No contact information is available on the website. And whoever registered its domain, washingtonstatepolls.com, opted for domain privacy service, which keeps personal information from being linked to the site.

“That right there is enough to disqualify it as a legitimate poll,” said Stuart Elway, director of the respected Elway Poll based in Seattle. “If they are not willing even to disclose who is sponsoring it or where it comes from, let alone its methodology, it is so far from the standards of the American Association of Public Opinion Research that it shouldn’t be paid any attention to.”

One of the basic tenets of scientific polling is disclosure, Elway said. “You have to disclose what your methods are and what database you are using. If you don’t know who is in that database, and who is responding, you can’t draw any conclusions from it.”

Matt Barreto, a University of Washington political scientist who heads the similarly named Washington Poll at the UW, said there’s no guarantee that those responding to the Washington State Political Polls are even registered voters. “It’s not random or scientifically administered,” he said.
The Columbian article also explores the rumor that Washington 3rd Congressional District candidate David Hedrick's campaign is tied to the poll.  Hedrick, who is a Didier supporter, is ahead according to washingtonstatepolls.com.

Didier's use of this fantasy poll is yet another example of how he will do anything to win.  How can we possibly trust him if he makes it to Washington, D.C.?


MPederson said...

The claims made by this poll do not concern me nearly as much as the last minute campaign promises being put out there by Didier. In the past couple of days I have heard pledges to term limits and to donation of half of his pay to charity. He is pulling out all of the stops of a classic politician who will say anything to get a reaction. It is a sad statement from someone who had previously shown some promise.

Anonymous said...

Paul Akers for US Senate

Lew Waters said...

This poll seems to have been linked to 3rd CD candidate, David Hedrick, who seems to hang onto Didier's coat tails.

The "web designer" the Columbian mentions sent me a copy of the report he wrote last week on it and mentioned on Victoria Taft's program.

There is a link to his report within the blog post I put up last evening.

Strange Things Going On In the 3rd Congressional District Race

The techie stuff is a bit over my head, but I'm sure others can see what is going on.

And yes, it stinks.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is sad that people that want to turn America around are bashing the one candidate that could really make a difference! I have been seeing people making horrible remarks and digging to find anything they can to make him sound bad. It sounds like you and other "republicans" or "Independents" are more like the left. I have been following Didier for quite a while, and trying to decide between him, Rossi & Akers. I have met Didier numerous times and he is the only one who has the passion and the fight to "bring it" to washington. He is the most conservative candidiate and even keeps the constitution in his back pocket at all times--and he knows it. Also, the pledge to term limits is not a last minute thing. He has being saying that his whole campain. He also signed saying he will not pass anything that will create new taxes or increase taxes. He wants to downsize government!! He doesn't need the government pay, he doesn't need the fame. He is an ex-nfl player and owns a farm. I hope that people on the "Right" start to wake up. I hope the Author post's this message, as anyone's opinion should be included. Thanks

Anonymous said...

campaign for liberty makes me sick