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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tea Party Activists Endorse Dino Rossi

The following is the text of a letter signed by Tea Party activists from around the state, endorsing Dino Rossi for U.S. Senate in the general election, and urging unity in support of his campaign...

Tea Party Activists Endorse Dino Rossi

In the race for U.S. Senate in the state of Washington, the choice is clear. We support Dino Rossi against the incumbent Democrat Patty Murray.

In the primary, some of us voted for Paul Akers or Clint Didier, and some of us voted for Dino Rossi. But we are now all united in supporting the election of Dino Rossi.

Patty Murray has been in office for 18 years - it's way past time for her to receive a pink slip. Dino Rossi offers a sharp contrast to the tax and spend policies supported by Patty Murray. And, in 2010, Patty Murray (who ranks #4 in the Democratic Senate leadership) is more vulnerable than ever.

Dino Rossi is for repealing Obamacare, and replacing it with common-sense proposals "that give power to patients and doctors not government and insurance companies" and that "will actually lower health insurance costs, improve access to a greater variety of health insurance plans, and give people choice in picking their doctors."

Dino Rossi says, "Our national debt topped $13 trillion this year. If Congress keeps spending your money at this unprecedented pace, our national debt will reach $19.6 trillion by 2015. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of running up our nation's credit card without considering how they're going to pay the bill. Congress is putting our economic future in jeopardy by continuing to spend money they don't have. Washington families have to make tough budget decisions every day to live within their means, and it's time for Congress to do the same."

Dino Rossi has signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and he has signed the grassroots Contract From America. He has been endorsed by Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Jim DeMint, two of the most fiscally conservative members of the U.S. Senate.

Those of us who supported other candidates in the primary are, of course, disappointed that our favorite candidate did not make it past to the general election. But we unite to support Dino Rossi as absolutely superior in comparison to Patty Murray - even though he may not have been our initial favorite.

None of us (even those of us who supported Dino Rossi in the primary) necessarily agree with him on every issue. After all, we don't necessarily agree with each other on everything either!

In a way, that is the most important point. We are Tea Party activists, advocates of liberty and defenders of the U.S. Constitution. We are committed to repeal of Obamacare, limited government, lower taxes, and reduced spending - but we don't always agree with each other on every issue.

We've united together in Tea Party rallies and townhall protests. We've marched together in the nation's capital. We've worked together to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Now, we join forces to repeal and replace Patty Murray, and to elect Dino Rossi as our next U.S. Senator. We urge you to join us!

Keli Carender ("Liberty Belle"), Seattle - RedistributingKnowledge.Blogspot.com; organizer, February 2009 Presidents' Day Porkulus Protest; Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty(*)

Jeremy Jasman, Bellingham - State Chair for Washington State Young Republicans(*); President of Whatcom County Young Republicans(*); volunteer organizer for Akers campaign

Dave Kasold, Bothell - King County Tea Party activist; national Tea Party newsletter editor; supported Didier in primary

Dan Michael, Woodinville - volunteer for Coday Senate campaign; organizer, Puget Sound Conservative Underground(*)

Melissa Milam, Kennewick - supported Didier in primary; Tea Party activist

Sally Oljar, Seattle - Co-Coordinator, Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty(*); National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots(*)

Jeff Patton, Shoreline - volunteer for Coday Senate campaign; organizer, Shoreline Caucus(*)

Pat Tarzwell, Shelton - Assistant State Director, ResistNet.com (Patriotic Resistance)(*)

Steve Beren, Seattle - former campaign manager of Coday Senate campaign; Tea Party activist

(*) personal endorsement only; organization listed for identification purposes only

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Kelly Emerson said...

You can add the Everett Tea Party to this list. Kelly Emerson, Renewliberty.com By far the majority on my e-mail list are supporting Dino Rossi.