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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Didier/Akers Big Announcement Shocker: Waaahhh. No One Pays Attention to Us

Washington U.S. Senate candidates Clint Didier and Paul Akers held a highly-touted joint BlogTalkRadio appearance this evening to hint at dark conspiracies by "the establishment" to excuse their extremely low polling numbers and poor fundraising (Didier raised less in the second quarter AFTER Sarah Palin's endorsement than what he had raised previously.) No actual evidence was provided by the duo.

And the pair somehow felt they could taunt Republican frontrunner Dino Rossi, who is 25 plus points ahead of both Didier and Akers, into debating them.

This evening's morbidly comical announcement by the odd couple of tall, booming Didier and the short, nasal, Dick Vitale-esque ("I'm a lean thinker, baaaby!") Akers absolutely smelled of the desperation of two campaigns clearly out of gas and out of time. It was very poor political move to make on the eve of ballots showing up in voter's mailboxes.

To make matters worse, there were technical flubs galore:
Didier fumbles big announcement

So, Republican Senate candidate Clint Didier hypes an "important announcement" Thurday evening on his website.

People were invited to go to blogtalkradio.com or phone in a specific number to hear it at 7 p.m. When I phoned in just before 7 p.m., I heard a hilarious dispute between what sounded like campaign staffers arguing about who should, and who should not, be able to speak on the phone conversation. The line went quiet after one person ordered several other people to figure the whole thing out. I then tried to call back in, but got a busy signal.

And despite minutes of surfing, I can't find Didier on blogtalkradio.

Anybody else have better luck?
Some even reported hearing the word "clusterf*ck" used.  Not very impressive for two candidates that claim to be "innovators."

Former Senate candidate Chris Widener tweeted that Akers and Didier had "jumped the shark."  Bryan Myrick at Red County put it best:
The pair of candidates, presumably rushing to beat the clock as their airtime ran out like the sand from an hourglass – an apt visual metaphor for what was occurring in realtime to their political careers -- insinuated that powerful forces in Washington, D.C. are working hard to manipulate the election and take the choice away from Washington state voters.
All in all, a true amateur hour by two rookies who, to use one of Didier's football metaphors, are not going to make it out of training camp.

1 comment:

Jason R. Raines said...

I tried to listen. I honestly tried. Unfortunately, I only heard about two minutes of Akers blaming the state party for their problems. Didier then said they should all debate, and invite Rossi and Murray to the debate as well.

There was probably more said, but I never heard it. It took 50 minutes for me to get that much, following the advertised start time.

This was a horrible experiment with making an on-line announcement.

Having said that, I would still rather have one of these guys over the current dim bulb Senator they are running against.