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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Breaking: Dino Rossi Signs "Contract From America"

For all the talk of Republican Washington U..S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi being "mainstream," "a RINO," and "establishment," and how he is not courting the Tea Party vote,  Dino is the first and only Senate candidate in Washington to sign the Contract from America, which has also been signed by Tea Party favorites Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Sharron Angle and is being promoted by many national Tea Party groups.

The contract commits the signer to to support each of its ten agenda items, work to bring each agenda item to a vote during the first year, and pledge to advocate on behalf of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.

From the Dino Rossi campaign website:
I am joining the thousands of Americans who have signed the Contract from America because I believe we need to return fiscal discipline to Washington, DC. These ten commonsense provisions, taken from America to Washington, DC, will help restore fiscal sanity, end our out of control debt, and keep the American Dream alive for generations to come.


Kyle L. said...


You are doing a "great" job of following the senate race in Washington State (read the sarcasm). Maybe you should follow Paul Akers a little. Maybe check out his website www.akersforussenate.com. He has a separate tab dedicated to "Contract from America". He has had it there for about a month. Watch this video as Paul discusses it: www.pjtv.com/v/3868. Find Paul Akers on the list: http://www.thecontract.org/supporters/. Tom, maybe a little research before you blog?



Tom Forbes said...

Akers name just appeared on the list of signers yesterday.

Akers' website only says that he "will" sign the contract as senator.