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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don’t Let Brigitte Gabriel’s Past Become Our Future

If you’ve ever seen Brigitte Gabriel on Fox News go head-to-head with a politically correct progressive, debating the chilling reality of radical Muslims infiltrating the United States, your thoughts are probably like mine, “Wow! Who is this woman who does not believe in political correctness and tells it like it is about the rise of global Islamic terrorism?”
Naturally, I was excited to see Brigitte in person at a Lake Stevens church on Sunday, and listen firsthand as she shared her personal story about Islam and the creation of her organization – ACT! for America – that is trying to both educate Americans and get them involved (i.e. ACT!). After being moved by her accounts of terror and her call for action, I not only want to get involved, but I want to persuade others to get involved too.

Brigitte Gabriel immigrated to America after her country of birth – Lebanon – was overtaken by militant Muslim fundamentalists in the 1970’s. It was fascinating to hear Brigitte’s tales of spending years in hiding in Lebanon, all because she was Christian. Prior to the Muslims taking over, Lebanon was the only majorly Christian country in the Middle East. If you asked the Lebanese in the 1960’s if they ever thought their country would lose its Christian majority, they would have laughed at the absurdity of that notion, said Brigitte. Now in the 2010’s, liberal and progressive Americans might want to quit laughing at the same prospect.

Because of political correctness and because of intimidation and accusations of racism against anyone who dares to speak the truth, Islamic radicalism is able to slowly but surely take root in the United States. Europe is now called “Eurabia,” said Brigitte. “Do not believe that what is happening in Europe now won’t happen here.” She went on to name the dozens of major U.S. cities where Islamic-extremist hubs have been identified as existing, and Seattle is one of them.

Brigitte speaks her mind because she experienced personally in Lebanon what happens when people don’t speak out. “I throw political correctness in the garbage can where it belongs!” bellowed Brigitte to an applauding crowd Sunday. “I’m sick of having someone call me a Lebanese-American, or refer to themselves as an African-American or an Asian-American. We are just Americans!” She continued by reminding us that the U.S. is the last country available for people like her to immigrate to. It is the last bastion of the democratic values that celebrate life and liberty, as opposed to the authoritarian values of Islamo-fascism, which celebrates death, terror, and tyranny. “My past is your future!” shouted Brigitte, “unless you stand up and put a stop to radical Islam.”

Brigitte created ACT! for America to provide Americans a means to be a collective, grassroots voice that will rise above political correctness and intimidation. Her organization had 60,000 members in 2009. Now it has 115,000 members and is growing at a dazzling pace. There are local ACT! for America chapters in Washington State, and the best way to find out about how to join and learn about the rise of global Islamic terrorism and how to deter it, is to sign up online at http://www.ActForAmerica.org. You can sign up for email alerts, find your local chapter, or even start a chapter.

By growing ACT! for America at its annual doubling-in-size pace, it will develop into an even more powerful lobbying force in state and national government. And this is vital when it comes time to compel legislators to pass laws that will keep America a democratic nation – a nation that remembers its Judeo-Christian roots, that never forgets the reasons we were attacked on September 11, 2001, and that never forgets the ideology that drove those attackers.

Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Brigitte countered this notion by telling the packed house at Cavalry Chapel in Lake Stevens that, “Islamic evil will not prevail because good men and women will do something!” And she was assuming that the hundreds sitting in the audience on Sunday will indeed do something. I am one of those hundreds that is going to sign up online and find a local chapter so I can not only learn but help spread the word. If the hundreds who read my article will each pass on Brigitte’s call-to-action from ACT! for America to a dozen friends and family, we will not just grow the organization by over a 1,000 more members, but we will help lessen the chance of Islamo-fascism growing in the U.S.

-Dan Michael
organizer of the Puget Sound Conservative Underground (www.meetup.com/pugetsoundconservativeunderground/)

Still need to be convinced this is a worthwhile cause worth spreading the word? Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk4E-B5LDkw&feature=player_embedded

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