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Friday, July 30, 2010

One Governor, Two Washingtons

In 2008, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, referring to the famed "Cascade Curtain" that divides Western and Eastern Washington economically and ideologically as well as geographically, said "It is time for us to unite again as one Washington and move forward."

Gregoire's Office of Financial Management has been holding hearings all over the state to discuss balancing the looming $3 billion budget shortfall next year.  The only hearing east of the Cascades was held last night at Spokane Community College.  Even though Governor Gregoire had attended all four previous budget hearings in Western Washington, she did not attend the one in Spokane.  According to the Spokesman-Review, Gregoire stated in a video introduction that she “had a long standing commitment that has kept me away.”

And what exactly was that "long standing commitment?"

According to Joel Connelly at the Seattle-PI, Gregoire held a $1,000 a person fund raiser last night at Wild Ginger restaurant in Seattle.

It would appear that the only budget concerns the governor has are for her reelection.

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