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Friday, July 23, 2010

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WPC GOES NUTS! The Washington Policy Center has gone over to the far left! This year’s environmental lunch features one of the most extreme of the global warming crackpots Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. Todd Myers, WPC’S resident environmental whacko, knows nothing about science in general and claims to be their “expert” on climate change and is himself an environmental extremist. I have debated the guy and I can assure you he knows little or nothing about the issue.

Gay Groups Stunned. Reported cases of Venereal Diseases in King County and Seattle were up dramatically in this latest report and the big shocker HIV and AIDS (includes only AIDS cases not previously reported as HIV) came in YTD as of the end of June as a major increase and a shock to Seattle and King County Public health departments; this included an outbreak of Gonorrhea. Gay rights groups and the health departments are AGAIN putting out the word about UNPROTECTED SEX!

Governor “Crackpot” Quagmire under attack. Evergreen Freedom Foundation is suing our “Big Sister” Dictator Governor over her idiot global warming executive order, which she issued when the far left controlled legislature refused to do anything about the issue. Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House speaking publically stated that, “I’m not sure I want a bunch of government employees dictating energy policy when it is not proven that CO2 causes climate change!”

Bogus US Attorney General Investigation Goes Bust! After refusing to open a King County Voter fraud case in the first Dino Rossi/Christine Quagmire election; Mainstream left of center Republican and Attorney General John McKay of Washington was fired by the Bush Administration. Democrats went bonkers but now after tens of millions of dollars and thousands of hours of wasted time, the Department of Justice said nothing was done wrong. Really, when did you get your first clue morons?

Major Media Scandal. The Left Stream media is now busted for not just bias but illegal campaign activity. When this story came out naming names with some of their e-mails, I was shocked. Here are the three stories: Link1, Link2, Link3. I talked to an insider in Washington DC yesterday and the word is that some of these reporters are going to be investigated by the Federal Election Commission. The actions some of them took to try to do damage to Sarah Palin could be violations of Federal Law.

What’s the Real Unemployment Rate? Surprise, surprise, some media outlets are now finding out what the real unemployment rate is.

Is Hobbs in Trouble? Polls show that Dave Schmidt will steam roll Steve Hobbs in the 44th District Senate race. Even the biased, self described “California Democrat” reporter for the Washington Post owned Everett Herald, Jerry Cornfield, is conceding that Hobbs is headed for defeat.

Lying about unemployment. The Seattle Times and the Everett Herald, known for lying about the real “jobless” numbers decided to not report the 7/22 weekly jobs claims report from the US Department of Labor. Why? Because the bogus “seasonably adjusted” numbers showed an increase of 37,000 jobless claims week over week. What do the real numbers show? The raw numbers show a decrease of 13,113 week over week. Why aren’t Drew DeSilver at the Times and Mike Benbow at the Herald reporting the real numbers? Because if they do they put the lie to their bogus reporting over the last year, THAT’S WHY!

Congressman “Acorn” Rick “Bailout” Larsen Hoarding Campaign Cash!
Word has it that Acorn Rick will wait until after the primary in August and then let loose a blistering attack on John Koster going into the November election. Political observers think that Larsen is making a BIG MISTAKE going negative on Koster. Why? Voters are not interested in negative campaigns just jobs! That’s why. By the way most of Acorn Rick’s money is coming in from OUT OF STATE! Here is the latest on “Acorn” Rick’s latest bailout vote.

2012 Washington State Gubernatorial Race is Heating Up! Just at the time that Luke Esser the Chairman of the State GOP is declaring the race over and that Rob McKenna, the state Attorney General, is the only candidate to run against Christine Quagmire, word has leaked out that a very high level Republican candidate has surfaced and is giving the idea serious consideration. This self financing candidate (no I am not going to out him at this time) is going to run an advanced series of strategic polls this summer in Washington State to get an idea of the political landscape. These very expensive polls should tell the story. By the way, I know of at least 3 other individuals doing some up front leg work to see if they can run against McKenna. On the Democratic side Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown is about to declare her candidacy and believe me when I tell you that Lisa and Christine are NOT GOOD FRIENDS! Lisa, a Spokane native, is a formidable candidate now that the state’s economy has soured support for Quagmire.

I debated Todd Myers at last October's Evergreen Leadership Conference, JOHN!


Anonymous said...

It never fails to astonish me how many of these groups like the WPC claim to be conservatives! Look at the Mainstream Republicans of Washington. They supported the Obama health care debacle, cap and trade, the stimulus boondoggle and on and on.

John said...

Hi Bob,
Can you please provide the date and event/venue where you debated Todd Myers?

Bob Clark said...

Sure John it was Saturday, October 10, 2009 from about 10AM to 11AM at the Evergeen Leadership Conference at the Bellevue Westin Hotel. He lost the debate. Todd has a degree in public relations and by contrast I have an honors degree in Physical Chemistry and my area was large scale thermodynamics. Few can debate me about the global warming/climate change hoax.

John said...

Were you on a panel with him or did you merely ask questions from the audience?

John said...

Disregard my previous question. I watched the TVW video of the event in question. You can watch it here:


(your part is at about 1:24:00)

After watching this, I would hardly call it a "debate." You weren't on the panel, but merely a member of the audience, and you just made a few statements and asked Todd a general question. He answered, and that was the end of it. How exactly did he "lose"?

The merits of the argument aside, it doesn't help your case to exaggerate your role in a situation just to make a point.

By the way, next time do some homework--Todd's degree isn't in PR (http://www.toddmyers.com/about1.htm).

Anonymous said...

Politics, PR what the diff? As for your comments on the exchange and debate, he lost, he lied and he knows better THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CLIMATE CHANGE AND GLOBAL WARMING.
You are just nit picking to try and defend someone who doesn't know what he is talking about.
You can catch my next blog and read ALL ABOUT IT. Bob Clark

John said...

Good point, Bob. Why get bogged down in things like facts?

Bob Clark said...

Something you should consider since you obviously don't know what you are talking about.
John or whoever you are: my policy in the future: I will not respond to anyone who does not identify themselves completely. No first names such as JOHN who probably is one by the way.
Bob Clark