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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Wind Blows At Rossi's Back

For once, Dino Rossi competes in a statewide election in a favorable political environment. And it shows.

Rossi sees a much different political landscape in 2010. Incumbents have already proven to be in jeopardy this cycle, as evidenced by the defeat of long time incumbents in West Virginia, Utah, and Pennsylvania. The most recent Rasmussen poll of the likely head-to-head race between Murray and Rossi has Rossi leading 48% to 45%. Rossi, the former state Senate leader, says he has never enjoyed the luxury of having the political winds at his back.

Former Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance says Rossi has a good chance if the anti-incumbent wave across the nation is big enough. Washington State has provided upsets in those upheaval years. In 1994, President Clinton's first mid-term election and the year the Republican Party took back the House of Representatives, Democratic Speaker of the House Tom Foley was defeated in his eastern Washington District by George Nethercutt.

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