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Friday, July 30, 2010

Replace the Arrogance of Power with Service

When incredibly smart and successful elitists like Cathy Areu can go on national television and say, “if they’re illegal, who cares?” in a heated panel debate with the likes of Ann Coulter and get away with it, then you finally get a real sense of how arrogant liberal leadership has become in this country. The rule of law has little influence when it comes to progressive and racial politics; the will of the people has little relevance.

And so without regard for the overwhelming demand by Arizona voters to stop a massive invasion of illegal immigrants, drug and weapons traffickers at the southern border through meaningful enforcement of law, our post racial President and Attorney General insult them instead, branding them racist and misguided, and preemptively inhibits their self determination by attacking them in court. With no loss of irony, the former Arizona Governor, now Secretary of Homeland Security exemplifies the complete failure of federal leadership through her inability to perform the basic fundamentals of office. She will not secure the homeland. How is it possible that our government could devolve to such ineffectual and patronizing leadership? Is it really true that in the absence of prioritized federal resources, the States and citizenry are not allowed to help or defend themselves? At least one judge believes so and another federal department plans to skirt the law entirely.

In a controversial ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton, Arizona’s attempt to protect their citizens and enforce the rule of law was substantially put on hold. In a nutshell, Bolton says it is the Feds job to do it and by allowing the State to act would put a burden on the Federal government. There was apparently not a legal question about Federal malfeasance putting an undue burden on Arizona. On a subtler front, recent reporting of an internal memorandum at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reveals that the agency was researching ways to reduce the threat of removal for individuals present in the U.S. without authorization, and to do so without legislative input.

The federal government seems out of control in its effort to “fundamentally transform America.” It is quite adept to tax, create overwhelming debt, take over private business, write administrative rules and executive orders, and otherwise burden the citizenry with poor performance, but somehow believes that it is wrong for citizens to burden the federal government with something as basic as the rule of law. They have forgotten their roots of power and replaced it with arrogance.

This coming November, the 2010 mid term elections will be the most important election in decades. We are at a time in history when Americans will decide to either be ruled by elitists wielding the arrogance of power, or served by representative "government of the people, by the people, for the people.” I will be voting the latter. It is time to shift the pendulum of ideology back to fundamental Constitutional values.

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