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Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Conservative Love For Dino Rossi

Joe Fuiten, pastor of Cedar Park Assembly of God in Bothell, founder of Positive Christian Agenda, and a director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, is widely recognized as one of the leading figures in the conservative Christian movement in Washington state.

In another coup for Washington U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi, who was just endorsed by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and FreedomWorks, Fuiten has also just bolstered Rossi's conservative credentials with an endorsement:

I believe Dino Rossi is the right person to challenge Patty Murray. He has the good values that I appreciate. I have spent some time talking with Dino about the moral issues as well as the economic challenges. If we get him elected, he will represent us well. He also has the political savvy to run a successful campaign. It takes money and sophistication to win. He has both. This is not the time to run a novice against a wily campaigner like Patty Murray.

I appreciate Clint Didier and Paul Akers and think they are good men but I don't think they are the ones who can be successful in the November election.

The August election is all about November. We know how close Dino Rossi came to being elected Governor in two rather anti-Republican years. I think people will rally to him in a year like this when the Democrat brand is increasingly tarnished. I want to give Dino a great Primary victory that will propel him into the General.
Fuiten's endorsement will help allay any doubts among conservative Christians concerning Rossi's stance on abortion that might have been raised by a pro-life group allied with Rossi's opponent Clint Didier earlier this year.

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oyak said...

Will Dino fold in this Senate Bid, providing he's the Primary winner, like he did after he won 2 out of 3 recounts in the last Washington Governor's race? Were he to win, or be within 1% or less of total votes, necessitating a recount, I have to assume he'd lose to the Dumbocrat, regardless if he would win three out of three recounts.

I I confess, I did not vote for Dino in this Primary, for the above reasons, but I'd still vote for him if he's the Primary winner. His fold in the last Washington's Governor's race is not a confidence builder for 2010’s Pitty Murray’s Senate seat. Also, his Campaign ad is not at all that inspiring. Even now, why doesn't he hit "Pitty" in the gut when she's so deserving? I suppose that’s why he’s a politician & I’m not.