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Friday, July 02, 2010

Fail: Patty Murray Pulls "Sinners and Saints" Attack Video

According to the Spokesman-Review's Spin Control blog:

Patty Murray’s Senate campaign was forced to pull a video that jabbed GOP challenger Dino Rossi because it was using a Billy Joel song without legal permission.

“We have not received any complaints,” campaign spokeswoman Alex Glass said today. “We did it out of an abundance of caution.”

The one-minute video that was being circulated by the campaign and Democratic sources, and posted on YouTube, took a swipe at Rossi for comments attributed to him in a recent National Journal article. In describing his chances of winning over uncommitted voters, Rossi was quoted as saying: “In the old adage, there are saints and sinners and those who can be saved. The saints are with us, the sinners are not. And the ones that can be saved are the ones we will be talking to.”

That prompted Democrats in Washington state to respond with “who you calling a sinner?”

The Murray campaign produced a quick video with some big business GOP supporters, questioning their sainthood, and Murray with veterans, moms and kids, asking if they were sinners.
The video used to be here.  This isn't the first time that Murray's attacks have fallen flat.  Leftist Seattle-PI columnist Joel Connelly, referring to DSCC attacks on Rossi, wrote,  "What's being debased is not Dino Rossi, but a process of self-government that should deliver honest choices to the votes."

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