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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rep. Geoff Simpson Accused of Domestic Violence....Again

This week is 47th Legislative District Week here at Palousitics.  And one of the current Democrats representing the 47th in the Washington House of Representaives has just been accused of domestic violence for the second time in two years:
The Seattle City Attorney's office today charged Rep. Geoff Simpson, D-Covington, with one count of assault stemming from an alleged incident of domestic violence at Seattle Children's Hospital on May 22.

Simpson is accused of pushing his ex-wife as she tried to stop him from entering a hospital room where their young daughter was recovering from surgery.

Once he got inside the ex-wife said she tried to open the door and go in and he “pushed her out of the room and used the door to force her all the way out,” according to a Seattle police report.

A social worker told police she saw Simpson “barrel” into the room, push the former wife and shut the door.

He “closed the blinds and barricaded himself inside using his body” and was yelling inside, according to the report. Once he came out, he left the property, witnesses said.

Simpson denied wrongdoing and issued a statement today which you can read below. Friction between Simpson and his ex-wife drew cops to their home in 2008 where Simpson was arrested but never charged for alleged domestic violence.
In a statement, Simpson denies the charges and predictably blames it on politics (no doubt the "teabaggers" are behind it all.)

Guilty or not, Simpson's domestic violence charges are a continual distraction.  47th LD voters deserve better.


Adam said...

Oh Geoff, when will you learn to control that temper?

Anonymous said...

Oh Geoff, when will you learn to control that temper?

Anonymous said...

This clown is a loser and needs to GO away in November. The district can do better.

You Tubed said...

Not defending either Democrats or Republicans but check your own backyard first:

and www.republicanSEXoffenders.com

"Family values"--ha!

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that Mr. Simpson is accused of domestic violence every other year. It appears that he's able to batten down his "savage" impulses during the years he's not running for office, yet strangely enough, the years he's running - yep, so is his ex-wife, directly to the cops for yet another accusation. Strange how they were married for years, and nothing was ever filed - until AFTER they were divorced.
I have absolutely no use for anyone who abuses women and children. I also have no use for women who manipulate the system. Her previous charges were dismissed, let's see how this comes out before we draw and quarter anyone.