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Thursday, February 01, 2007

46% Prefer One-Stop Shopping

Attention Matt Saavedra:
Last year, research conducted by retail consulting firm Retail Forward found that 46 percent of shoppers prefer to shop for food where they can also purchase items like clothing, home accessories and CDs (think Wal-Mart and Target stores).

The shake-up means traditional grocery stores are reinventing product mixes and creating niches to maintain market share and sustain sales growth, all while capturing the attention of an increasingly disloyal army of shoppers.
So nearly one out of every two people, unlike Saavedra, like buying their vegetables and dairy products where they buy their DVDs and cleaning products. And why not? Who has the time to run all over town?

That's why, as April so accurately pointed out, Safeway and Dissmores offer DVDs and cleaning products as well as dairy and vegetables.

There are no "good" retailers or "bad" retailers, just those that meet the desires of their customers and succeed and those that don't and fail.

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