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Friday, April 14, 2006

What Are These Men Laughing At?

  • The arrogant horse's ass who fancies himself the second coming of Edward R. Murrow?

  • The liberals playing the McCarthyism card AGAIN?

  • The notion that Judy Krueger, Nella van Dyke, Jason and Deirdre Rogers, et. al. have lived in Pullman for 17, 27 or 37 years?

  • The best non-denial denial (e.g. the firm handling the appeal is funded by the UCFW, so technically PARD is not getting money directly) since the days of John Mitchell, CREEP, and Woodward and Bernstein?

  • The thought of over 4,000 PARD petition signers (some as far as away as Australia) who don't even live in Pullman contributing to PARD's legal fund?


    Operation "Annoy the Left Wing Intelligentsia" has been a huge success!!!

    Every word that PARD wastes disputingthe obvious, justifying their futile existence, or attacking me personally distracts them from their true goal of stopping Wal-Mart and denying Pullman the economic growth and tax revenue we deserve. That makes it all worthwhile.

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    1 comment:

    April E. Coggins said...

    I can understand why PARD doesn't want to expose themselves to the light of day.
    TV Reed is a manipulating POS. Reality does not support his lies.
    I don't know where to correct first. And hey! Joseph McCarthy was right. There are and were Communists who would like to see the end of personal freedom and free enterprise. If the shoe fits, TV should be glad to wear it. Why would he deny exactly what he is calling for?

    The 10,000 signature petition is also a lie. Not only are there pages and pages of out of area signatures, but the signatures are all grouped. For example, why would so many Hayden Lake residents be signing PARD's petition on one page? Obviously, the pages were passed around at anti- Wal-Mart parties. It's disgusting that adults would lie and manipulate the truth to the degree that we have experienced.

    I am willing to work with anyone in the media or any individual who can help create a data base to expose the truth of PARD's "citizen petition".