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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Ed Schweitzer likes Wal-Mart just fine"

From today's Lewiston Tribune:

PULLMAN -- This town's most prominent entrepreneur believes Wal-Mart would be a good neighbor.

"There's nothing wrong with Wal-Mart,'' said Ed Schweitzer, founder and president of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories during a speech Tuesday to the Pullman Chamber of Commerce.

While government relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina floundered, Wal-Mart was a hero re-opening its stores to provide necessities such as food and water, Schweitzer said.

"We need it,'' Schweitzer said of plans to build a 223,000 square foot Wal-Mart super center in Pullman on Bishop Boulevard. "People need to be able to buy things at low attractive prices.''

Pullman will win because its residents will make purchases in Pullman rather than traveling to Moscow or Lewiston, Schweitzer said. "People are going to drive less. They'll spend more time with their families.''

A city of Pullman decision to allow Wal-Mart to build the supercenter has been appealed by the Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development.
Any other questions PARDners? Now THERE'S an article for your little scrapbook.

Give up your futile, union-backed appeal NOW.

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