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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lee Scott Tackles PARD

Well, sort of. In his response to the question about the Maryland health care legislation, Wal-Mart President and CEO Lee Scott said that Wal-Mart will change for the customer and will change to be a better company, but will never change due to external pressure. He mentioned getting a letter from a town in Georgia asking about Sam Walton's pledge to never open in a town where it was not wanted. Shades of PARD. Scott's response was classic. He said that just because a few select people don't want Wal-Mart doesn't mean the whole town does not want Wal-Mart. If that were the case, Wal-Mart would never open another store. The unions are very good at finding the people in a town opposed to Wal-Mart and getting them organized.

Wal-Mart expects opposition everywhere they go but they will never back off. Scott said it is tough to legislate Wal-Mart out. Only the customers can do that.

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