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Monday, April 17, 2006

Liberals Without Borders

Even on the road, I see the cross-border lovefest between the PARDners and the No SuperWal-Mart group over in Moscow continues.

Last week in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Peggy Jenkins of No SuperWal-Mart was calling me a liar for saying that PARD's attorneys work for the UFCW.

Today, Pullman resident and former Democratic state representative candidate Gail Rowland urged Moscowans to come out for the May 1 city council meeting and oppose the rezone for Wal-Mart. When we last heard from Rowland she was trying to drum up votes for Judy Krueger and wondering if attending three meetings makes you a member of PARD.

Rowland also had some disparaging words for Pullman. She now joins the Daily Evergreen in recently dissing our town in favor of Moscow.

Besides the extremely disloyal aspects of supposed civic leader Rowland's letter, I am curious as to what makes our local liberal moonbats feel they have the right, and indeed, the obligation it seems, to meddle in the affairs of another city in a another state, neighbors or not.

Maybe everyone in Pullman should write a letter urging Moscowans to oppose Wal-Mart. While you're at it, sign No SuperWal-Mart's petition, just like several thousand Moscow and Latah County residents did for PARD. Running Wal-Mart out of Moscow would be a huge bonanza for Pullman's economy.

Come to think of it, thanks Gail!! Keep up the good work!

Make your voice heard

I want to congratulate the residents of Moscow and their City Council, and Planning and Zoning Commission. You all are making a better community of the Palouse with your efforts and thoughtful debate which have created many good decisions, for now, and for future generations.

I just received an e-mail regarding the May 1 Moscow City Council meeting to hear an appeal by CLC Developers of Spokane to rezone77 acres across the Troy Highway from the Moscow Cemetery. I hope all of you voting residents of Moscow become aware of this meeting and voice your opinion. This meeting is to discuss allowing big-box stores, such as a Wal-Mart Supercenter, to locate in Moscow. It appears that you, as a resident of Moscow, have the right, obligation and ability to determine your own future. You have been actively doing that for several decades and that is why Moscow has a very viable, and successful business community. Also, because of the laws you have thoughtfully passed.

We in Pullman, your neighbor, have not been so fortunate to have had your foresight or good judgment and council. Take advantage of your ability to keep Moscow, my neighbor community, a very special place. Attend the May 1 meeting and make your voice heard.

Gail Rowland, Pullman
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