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Friday, April 14, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Wal-Mart Is Getting Closer

Yesterday, at 1:40 PM, the sale of 28 acres adjacent to Bishop Blvd. in Pullman from Shoemaker Co. to Wal-Mart Stores was closed. The sale price was $1.4 million, or around $53,000 an acre.

The excise tax paid on the sale was $22,561.65. That was our first financial benefit from Wal-Mart.

That ought to take care of the rumors that Wal-Mart is pulling out of Pullman and heading for the corridor. It should also let PARD know what Wal-Mart thinks of their futile appeal.

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1 comment:

Ray Lindquist said...

WOW what good news to start Easter weekend. PARD drop your "lame" appeals for good of Pullman.