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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cougar Pride: Evergreen Says Moscow is Better

In a story in today's Daily Evergreen, Elizabeth Martin wrote:

Moscow is more laid back than Pullman, she said. It seems there is more money in Pullman and less community, she said.


“It’s similar to Pullman in the fact that it’s just another small town but it definitely has a different vibe to it than Pullman does,” she said.

Still Waisman is looking forward to a change of scene. In Pullman, the community is so focused on the university that Waisman questions what else there is to the city, she said.


Having the stand in Pullman might have been better for business, Lamadrid said. The people of Pullman seem to spend more money going out than in Moscow, he said.

But he has no plans to move his business, because he likes the atmosphere in Moscow better. He said the people are nicer in Moscow.
Don't you just love the Evergreen's new commitment to the Pullman community? Maybe Pullman merchants who advertise in the Evergreen will take note of its pro-Moscow stance.

Personally, I'm all for the socialists, the hippies, the tree huggers, etc. getting the hell out of Pullman. Please leave us alone with our empty pursuit of making and spending money.


April E. Coggins said...

At least they are spreading the news that capitalism is alive and well in Pullman, Washington.

Ray Lindquist said...

April, It is exciting to see the new things that are being build and seeing Pullman grow for once; is so nice. I just hope Schweitzer will consider Pullman when they make that call where to build. I hope the city 'powers-to-be' will streamline and make possible for them. I don't want rules/laws broke but I sure don't want them to strain at a gnat and lose the whole thing.

Dale Courtney said...

Don't send them our way! We're over our quota over here!!!