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Thursday, April 20, 2006

On The PES Today

Scotty and I will be interviewing Tracy Oetting, founder of Citizens for a One Strike Law. Her group is attemptimg to get I-921 ("Dylan's Law") on the ballot this fall. This initiative would make a life sentence without parole a mandatory sentence for those convicted of violent and predatory sexual crimes.

Chelsey Fanara, the Whitman County coordinator for the initiative, will also be on the show.

Tune in to KZUU 90.7 FM at 11:00 AM to listen. Or if you live more than 3 miles away from the CUB, you can go to kzuu.org for the streaming audio feed.


Scotty said...

I also plan on grilling Tom about his trip to Bentonville! It should be good times.

April E. Coggins said...

I listened to your radio program today. There seemed to be some uncertainty about giving sexual predators a second chance. Each person can have personal redemption but not at the possible expense or risk of our children and loved ones. Life is not a test and the victims of these crimes don't get a do over. Society does not owe violent sex offenders a second test. This is not a matter of revenge, it is a matter of elimination of risk.